Puffs Tissues have been around since the 1960s


I grew up in a generic brand facial tissue household. So I had no idea that their were alternatives to the sandpaper-like single ply nonsense I had always used until one day in the 1990s when I went to the store to buy tissues. While there I made the executive decision to pick up a brand called Puffs. Having lived such a sheltered existence, I had never heard of them at the time and when I got them home and used one for the first time I was blown away. Unlike the rough nose-tearing I was used to, the Puffs were like a gentle kiss from the petals of the softest flower.

When I went to my Mother with this information and tried to sell her on this “new” brand of tissues, she started laughing. Why? Because she knew that Puffs had been around for 30 years at this point and couldn’t believe I had never seen them when I had picked up the generics that were right next to them throughout my childhood.

Since then I try to make sure I know a little bit about a products history before making some wild proclamation about them to avoid embarrassment.

If only I had seen this ad for Puffs in the 1980s, decades after their release, this could have all been avoided.

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