Pulsar: The Ultimate Man of Adventure

Pulsar: The Ultimate Man of Adventure was an action figure patented by Mattel in 1976 and sold in stores starting in 1977. He was a tall 14″ action figure with short white hair. The real magic and mystery of Pulsar was revealed when you tore open his sweat suit top it revealed that his entire torso was clear plastic. This interestingly allowed you to views all of his internal organs. Plus you could make the organs move by pushing a button on his back. Pulsar was cool to be sure, but was also a big question mark. When you peel back his head you saw a mission disc, but what was his mission?

He was not super successful as a toy, so his back story was never fleshed out, so we never get an explanation of his hybrid tech biology. Only two other toys in his line were produced. His nemesis, Hypnos and Pulsar’s Life Systems Center which was a medical bay style wall that Pulsar could be placed inside to get a checkup/regeneration.

Here are some of the commercials that show Pulsar in action, plus a video showing Hypnos.

Pulsar Commercial

Pulsar Life Systems Center


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  1. plcary

    I just picked up a Pulsar figure and his life systems center at a flea market last month! Later in the same day i found another Pulsar with no head in box full of Six Million Dollar Man figures. That was a good day.

  2. I had this action figure back then and loved it. At the time I didn’t get it either on what he was supposed to be. Was he a super-hero? An educational toy?

    After seeing that retro commercial I wonder if he was meant to be kind of like the Six Million Dollar Man but without the bionics. The commercial mentions his heart and lungs so I wonder if his heart is stronger than normal and allows him to have endurance and his lung capacity is greater than a normal man and he can survive high altitudes.

    Since this was Mattel he’s ripe for Matty Collector to reintroduce him.

    And his costume is still one of the coolest. He would make a great Comic-Con costume. Obscure but not that obscure.

  3. The Retroist

    I think we are obligated to come up with a back story for him.

  4. Atari Adventure Square

    I’m also a fellow Pulsar-owner from back in the pre-Kenner SW days.
    Loved those tall action figures, which mixed in well with my Marx cowboys and shorter, but karate-chop-enabled Big Jims.

    Yeah, his very existence was sorta undefined, but he seemed to be an output of the successful Bionic characters toyline.
    SMDM was very big in the days of the TV show, and I personally wanted any figure that had that sci-fi edge to it.

    And Pulsar was a showy treat, one of those figures my uncles and older cousins asked to see for his heart-pumping action.

    But I also remember seeing that Hypnos figure in ads and would’ve loved to have that Phantom Of The Paradise mask for my own cast of 12″ adventurers.
    I think I did eventually use a rubber cowl of sorts and cut eyes out for that purpose (the movie aired on late night TV around that time and engraved itself in my brain).

    I’m kinda surprised Pulsar didn’t have a comic book tie-in, or something like it inserted in the box.

    Indeed a great costume, though replacing one’s chest skin with clear plastic might be a terrifying idea (for the average comic-con fan, not the more hardcore goers).

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