Quantum Link for the Commodore 64

Quantum Link for the Commodore 64

Before AOL started clogging the landfills with millions of disc-based online hours they were known as Quantum Computer Services. The online service they provided was called Quantum Link.

For many people who had a Commodore 64 they were the first point of contact for the larger computing world.

Q-Link’s BBS system taught me about how to use emoticons, slay trolls and most importantly…how to love. OK, not how to love, but certainly a whole lot about Monty Python and Doctor Who.

I was digging through a box of old c64 games the other day when I came across this book of access numbers and “How to get Connected”. This handsome paper booklet sure beats the heck out of those AOL coasters. I scanned the “Getting Started” section along with the access numbers for the land of my birth, New Jersey.

I wish I could say I remembered these numbers, but I didn’t. Access cost money when I was a kid and that was scarce. So when I did get to call in, I would have to pull out this book and make sure I made every second count.

I hope this brings back good memories in fellow former Q-linkers.

Quantum Link Number Director

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  1. JIm

    I was a member of Quantum link and probably a member of those people who paid QLink for life and then they took that money and did AOL.Never did get anything out of them after they just shut down QLink. Still pissed about it .

  2. The Retroist

    amazing how this stuff sticks with people. I know so many people who hated AOL right from the start because of what happened with QLink.

  3. Jerry Watson

    I did the life time q-link membership thing too. They sent me an offer to transfer to aol when q-link shut down. I took them up on it and I still have my aol for life status. Of course there is not much to do with it. My original email address *jwats0560ataol* has been around so long that I had to block everything going to it many years ago, but I still have sub-accounts that are active. I log into the aol system every once in a while just to check how many minutes I have left…ha ha., but I still use aol from the web-side which is free anyway.

    bye now

  4. iPadCary

    Qlink — home to the world’s first GUI MUSE “Habitat” by the gods at LucasArts.

    You know, when games were handcrafted by a team of just a few artisans that weee actually *good*?!?

  5. Ron

    I remember trying to have a tutor help me with a high school geometry problem in 1988. It was so hard to explain the shape and measurements lol after a while it was chaos! I gave up. And the clock was ticking for plus payments!

  6. Barry

    I was one of those lifetime members that was and still am pissed when they shut Q-Link down! ?

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