Ramblin’ Root Beer was Something More


Ramblin’ Root Beer was a delicious, but now defunct root beer made by The Coca-Cola Company, starting in the 1970s. I do not drink root beer often, but when I did as a kid, I preferred the taste of Ramblin’ to all others. I remember many a frosted mug of the stuff was hefted at my best friend’s family BBQs throughout the 1980s. It is because of this that I still think of frosted mugs as the height of fanciness.

I guess it didn’t sell as well as Coke wanted, because after they bought Barq’s in the mid-1990s, they discontinued Ramblin’.

Even after all these year, that commercial jingle for it is burned into my brain and I can still sing along. As a bonus this famous ad also has a very young Sarah Jessica Parker in full “Annie” attire making an early career cameo.


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