Rare Halloween Treats: Nik-L-Nips

Some treats would show up in my Halloween bag and would be a real head scratcher and could ignite an appreciation for something you had never enjoyed before. I know that Nik-L-Nips have been around for a long time. We had a candy store up the block from me that sold them free-form from a jar. They were rarely consumed even though they contained sugar and were cheap.

After getting these Tootsie Roll Industries-made candies for Halloween, our tune changed completely and our normal hangouts got littered with the chewed wax remnants. It was disgusting. We quickly blew through the candy stores supply and turns our attention to every waxy liquid filled treats we could find. Even the generic tubes they sold at the local drugstore.

Now I am not saying this is the treat kids are gonna appreciate this halloween, they most likely won’t, but it might get them intrigued and perhaps spark their interest in this retro treat.

Image via mattzcoz

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  1. I love these so much that I wanted to give them out last year for Halloween. I ordered them online and put them in the bowl with the rest of the treats–and none of the kids took any of them. I had to do a sales job to get kids to try them. Turns out my son loves them, though, so it was worth the effort đŸ™‚

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