Real Sugar-based “Pepsi Throwback” Poised to Hit US Shelves


Like any serious soda person, I prefer my pop to be sweetened with Sugar Cane rather than Corn Syrup. I do not have a health reason for this, I just think Sugar Cane based sodas taste better/crisper. Now I have always been more of a Coke drinker, but since Coke has made it very difficult for me to procure the sugar based Mexi-Coke I have started searching for alternatives. That search may have ended with the upcoming release of Pepsi Throwback.

Hot on the foreign release success of other Sugar Cane based projects, the geniuses at PepsiCo have finally decided the give the nation what it has been clamoring for, Real Pepsi (with a different name). I plan on supporting this project unconditionally in the hopes that it will spur Pepsi to make cane sugar a permanent part of their lineup or *gasp* bring it back into production on its flagship brand.

Coke fans should remember that if Pepsi Throwback is a success we will see some copying by the Atlanta bottler. Look for Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback on US shelves this April. Get in line behind me.

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  1. BJ Wanlund

    I’m right there in line with you, brother. I think that the cane sugar revolution in sodas has been a long time coming.


  2. The Sexy Armpit

    This is great news. I would be so much more apt to buy a soda with cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. I love soda but never get to drink it. Since it’s so high in calories I usually stick to iced tea with equal or splenda. If I do have soda I’ll have Pepsi Max which is awesome. Great Post…can’t wait for it to come out!!!

  3. surfing pizza

    Red Bull makes a cola that has real sugar I think. It’s something all natural. It’s pretty good, but leaves a funky aftertaste.

  4. The Retroist

    I gave that Red Bull Soda a shot. Was not a fan. I could taste waaay too much Mace Clove. Have you had Boylan’s Cola?

  5. bc

    Snapple has done the same. They’re making it cane sugar again. I just bought a case of iced tea. New bottles, new label design and best of all- new formula.

  6. The Retroist

    Awesome new from Snapple. Gonna go check Grapeade tomorrow.

  7. Ugly American

    Jones Soda has had some real cane sugar flavors for a while. In glass even.

    Obviously I drink entirely too much soda but if you ever find yourself in New Zealand they still have RC Draft and stuff like Raspberry Coke, with real sugar of course.

  8. Eyedunno

    Hrm. I got some Pepsi Throwback today, and it’s weird. It does taste different, but I swear the high-fructose corn syrup is sweeter and better. But maybe they’re putting less sugar in by volume than they were HFCS (I’m too lazy to check), or maybe I got a bad batch.

  9. The Retroist

    I had some this weekend (post will be up soon – 15 minutes or so). I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  10. Tippy

    We just tried the new (or should I say old) Throwback and found it to be a cleaner and crisper taste. Because of migraines I can’t drink anything that has aspartame in it, so I’ve been drinking mostly Diet-Rite, Pepsi One and Jones sodas. This is refreshing and much more satisfying than all of the other Colas… Well done!! And no whanky after-taste.

  11. GZusRox


  12. Lindsey

    Drinking a throwback Pepsi now–right as I type. I am a coke girl, but I have to say, that this Pepsi tastes more like the coke of my youth–pre hfcs.

  13. Holly

    Trying my first Pepsi Throwback as I type and it’s different but GOOD different! The first few sips takes a bit getting used to (taste buds are probably wondering what this weird creature called SUGAR is instead of HFCS) but it’s very flavorful, crisp and refreshing. Definitely going to try the Mountain Dew one next!

  14. Annette

    At Walmart, I found a 12-pack of Pepsi Throwback hidden among 24-packs of regular Pepsi. We had to do some digging to get one. Why are they releasing it so quietly? Are they afraid of the corn mafia?

    Anyway, this is the first soda I’ve drank in like two years and while it’s waaaay better than the HFCS-sweetened stuff, I still can’t make it through a whole can.

  15. m72


    its about time Sodas have lost 12% of the drink market because they have not wanted to change with the times and listen to their customers,Pepsi sales are going to hit the roof!
    This is a good day for x soda drinkers…

  16. Jack Etsweiler

    I stumbled on Pepsi Throwback yesterday, although I had read the early reports and was ready for it. It’s brilliant. Lacks that powdery raw vegetal taste that HFCS can never get rid of, and the viscosity is what I remember from the real product before the change. Bold, round mouthfeel, clear cola taste, and when it’s ice-cold it has a kick the current product can never approach. I’m stockpiling, I can tell you. Maybe Coca Cola will wise up and bring out a premium (non-HFCS) version of their flagship product more often than just on Passover!

  17. April

    I actually have to say I do not like the new taste of pepsi throwback. so if you all want to send me the regular stuff ill drink that. sorry 🙁

  18. Rob

    I’m also stock piling, I’m afraid they will drop it so I’m getting all I can now. The taste is so much cleaner and crisp than the HFCS version, it doesn;t have that gloopy syrupy mouthfeel of HFCS.

  19. Sarah

    does anyone know where to buy pepsi throwback in nyc?

  20. Bill Ets.

    @ Jack E.
    Hey cuz, I’ve been looking for the Throwback…you and I must have the same genes — we both go for the real deal. I’ll be stockpiling it back east here…
    PS — Nice to see your name again; it’s been awhile.

  21. Bridgette Hamilton

    Where can I purchase the new throwback pepsi?

  22. The Retroist

    Bridgette – it depends on where you live. A simple place to start is Target or Walmart. In the Targets I have visited they have been keeping it on endcaps and not next to the normal Pepsi. So be vigilant.

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