Relaxing in the Living Room Playing Colecovision in 1982

You do not see a ton many photos of people actively playing their Colecovision posted online, so I was very happy to stumble across this wonderful photo posted by Richard Evan Braunstein on Flickr. The photo shows Braunstein and a guy named Mark playing their Colecovision in a sunny 1980s living room. The photo is great for three reasons. One it shows Colecovision hardware in action, two it captures the environment in which the hardware was played and three it captures how the console was often played. Laying on the floor, trying to stay comfortable and way too close to the TV. You can see even more of the posture in this pic that could almost be an ad for the system in 1982.

Magical times.


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  1. Doug

    I preferred sitting cross-legged.

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