Remco Crayon Play Cosmetics


We had a bunch of outlet type stores in my hometown. This made for some really interesting dumpster diving for me and my friends. Sometimes what you found was useful right away, like a working portable TV with a cracked case. Other times you would be challenged by your finds, like when we found an unopened box of the Crayon Play cosmetics.

I have no idea why they someone chucked them in the trash, but the box was completely unopened and we ripped it open expecting something exciting. Instead we got perfume, and lots of it. What does a group of boys do with more perfume than you can shake a stick at? PERFUME FIGHTS!!

It was a ton of fun, but the after effect was horrible. I think the smell lingered for weeks not just on our jackets and sneakers, but in our hair. Luckily it was in the summer and we didn’t need to deal with the other kids in the class. I merely had to put up with my sisters telling me I smelled pretty for about a month afterwards.

Don’t remember the Remco Crayon Cosmetics? Maybe this commercial will refresh your memory.

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