Remember Glad Baggies?


Glad Baggies were introduced in the 1960s, so I did not get to see how they completely revolutionized how people stored items, but I did get a lesson from my Grandmother about their convenience every time she used one. I could tell she knew what she was talking about when she went on about how much easier it was than wax paper, tin foil and plain paper, because when we were out of Baggies and she was over my house and made me a sandwich for school, she could fold a sandwich up in that wax paper like you wouldn’t believe. She didn’t use tape or anything and the sandwich would still be fully sealed at lunch. It was an amazing and I guess kind of a lost art nowadays.

Here is the original commercial for the intro of Baggies:

and here is an ad I was very familiar with from the eighties for Freezer Baggies:

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