Do you Remember Gung Ho the TV Series?


I really enjoy the Michael Keaton film, Gung Ho. I am a real sucker for stories about people who put aside their differences and learn to work together in a montage. So I was very excited for the Gung Ho TV series when it premiered in 1986. what was not to love? Original Gung Ho star Gedde Watanabe returned and he was joined by the super talented Scott Bakula. Unfortunately the show did not capture the magic of the movie and after 9 episodes the show was canceled. Oh well. We will always have the memories…

Oh and why is Gung Ho not available widely on DVD? Used copies have super inflated prices — that is not right.

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  1. plaidman76

    I love 80’s movies that they turned into (usually horrible) TV shows. That’s why I started hunting them down and collecting them. I think I have most of the Gung-Ho TV Series. Other Movie to TV flops I have are Adventures in Babysitting (Pilot Only), Ferris Beullers Day Off, Dirty Dancing, Uncle Buck, Coming To America (Pilot Only), Revenge of the Nerds (Pilot Only), Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (live action)…….most of those shows didn’t last long if they even made it past the pilot, so it’s fun to watch them flop.

  2. mwentworth

    Why you cancel show? Stupid!! You sooo stuuuppiid!! @Plaidman; funny how Ferris Beuller failed and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose actually survived a little while.

  3. Darrin

    I DO remember this show! I tuned in because of the movie, and while I enjoyed the episodes, you’re right when yo say the magic was not captured in the series.

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