Remember KerPlunk?


Some kids spent their days sharpening their physical skills on the ball field, while others developed mental acuity on the chessboard. Do you know where I was? In my sisters bedroom playing with an ancient version of the marble game KerPlunk. I would 4 player it all by myself. I even had names for each player as I moved around the cylinder and each of them had a style of play. Ernesto was brash. John was the thinker. Markus was the talker. Me? I was the lonely kid playing KerPlunk all by himself.

If you never played KerPlunk, the object of the game is to remove these plastic sticks without letting the marbles stack on top of them to fall. Fun Fact: The game was originally the brainchild of Rolling Stone’s drummer Charlie Watts. He developed it while trying to kill time on tour. It is great fun for just about any age and is easy to learn …. and impossible to master. If you do not have a copy for your home game closet, I suggest you pick one up today. Me and the boy will be over later in the week to school ya.

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  1. I have actually been waiting til my daughter gets a bit older to buy this. But I am looking forward to it!!

  2. I had this as a kid in the early seventies and loved it. But I also remember a nephew getting it in the eighties and being weirdly disappointed that the sticks no longer had points and were blunted. Were we tougher kids or are newer generations just more accident prone?

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  3. Now that my kids are growing up, i’m rediscovering these games. My son just got a “Toy Story” version of Kerplunk! for his 5th birthday a couple weeks ago. We play it constantly…instead of marbles they are the little green alien men and the cylinder is a spaceship.

    Another game he got was Trouble with the pop-o-matic bubble. Like Kerplunk! this is licensed by a movie. It’s the R2D2 version of Trouble, so everytime you hit the bubble, R2D2 beeps at you.

    Finally, the third game he just got was Perfection…what an evil game….it actually scared my 2 1/2 year old so bad, he won’t even go near the box anymore.

  4. We just played this on Sunday with friends of ours and all our kids! My daughter got it for Christmas, and it has been fun times once again!

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