Remember the Sears Electronic Showplace?

I do enjoy shopping online, but when I was a kid, stores like Sears and Kmart were my families one stop shop for everything. I especially love Sears, where while my Mother did her shopping I could hang out in the electronics sections and play with TV, stereos and other electronic components for hours. I was especially infatuated with very small and very large televisions and would spend and equal amount of time staring at each — Dreaming of a day when I would own these amazing bits of technology.

At the Sears at a mall we frequented, a Sears my Mom called “the nice Sears”, they had set up a couch in front of a wall of TVs and they would always have a popular movie playing on them. This was heaven! I think during one long day at the mall, I got through nearly two entire viewings of Raiders of the Lost Ark without leaving that couch.

I have seen a lot of stores offering daycare for kids, with fancy toys and ballpits. This seems like a waste of resources for these places. If you really want to take care of a lot of kids at once, just buy a few TVs and some comfortable sofas and let the electronic babysitter do all the work.

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  1. Not that it was still called the Sears Electronic Showplace anymore, but we bought our TV at Sears on Black Friday, 2012.

  2. I like the subtle Olympics images on the TVs and the tracksuit on the man. I’m pretty sure Sears was a sponsor of the US Olympic team in 1984.

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