Rent your VHS Tapes from The Video Place (1980)

I have become obsessed with old video store ads lately. I don’t even remember seeing advertisement in local papers and magazines in the 1980s, but apparently they were plentiful and they show how these new businesses were evolving.

In this ad for “The Video Place” you see they offer a wide variety of services, including: sales, rentals, installations and repairs.


You can rent both tapes and players, you can also join their video buyers club where you can trade in your old tape you bought for them for a different one for just $7.50. This place definitely taking the “We do everything approach” to the business and they probably had to since it was 1980 and the world was not yet saturated with video rental places.

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  1. ddsw

    Isn’t a knight’s shield and crossed swords the international symbol for “video rental”?

  2. The Retroist

    Feels like it should have been called Ye Olde Video Place.

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