Retro is all Over the Official Pepsi Shop

Over the last year, Pepsi has had a total renaissance in my home. This is mainly due to Pepsi giving me want I have wanted for many years, a soda that did not use High Fructose Corn Syrup. At home I drink almost nothing else in soda department (which is a huge change). Now, perhaps I pay too much attention to brands, but I noticed something a few months ago, I started to have very positive emotions associated with the retro Pepsi Logo. The one from when I was a kid, this one…

So much so that I have actually been looking at items with the logo on it to have in my home. Naturally this brought me to a great source for online Pepsi gear, and as it turns out great retro branded Pepsi gear, The Official Pepsi Shop. I have no idea how my brain works, but for some reason I tend to check out official stores late in the game, assuming they will have less selection or will be pushing the latest trends. Well selection is not limited at the Pepsi Shop and the latest trend is all about the Retro Pepsi branding.

They have the familiar old school logo on all the basics like shirts, belt buckles, sweatshirts and even pint glasses (those are mine!). What I especially love is that even though these are obviously aimed at the Throwback audience, the word “Throwback” does not appear anywhere on the merchandise. Smart!

They also have all the standard and more modern Pepsi branded stuff at the store. If you prefer even older Pepsi branding, they have that covered as well, as well as shirts with assorted Pepsi slogans from over the years.

So if Pepsi is becoming the new or continues to be your drink of choice, drop by the Official Pepsi Store and deck yourself out in the “latest” trend in Pepsi gear…Oh and stay tuned to the site, we are going to be hosting a retro Pepsi giveaway contest later in the day.

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  1. mooncity

    Wish they’d do a throwback version of Pepsi Light. Or heck, even Pepsi Twist.

  2. The Retroist

    Pepsi Twist would be great I would put that right after some Crystal Pepsi.

  3. rick

    Crystal Pepsi with a cookies and creme twix would be awesome right now. I think that may be the official parts needed to time travel.

  4. Atari Adventure Square

    Love that logo. It’s like an old friend.
    Been drinking pepsi Throwback since it came out and simply lovin’ it.

  5. Thanks for the heads up. I’m a Pepsi fanatic but rarely check it’s Web site.

    I recently found a store where I can buy it in glass bottles.

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