Retro Styling is Icing on the Cake for the Samson Meteor USB Studio Microphone

If you were not aware, I do a podcast here on the site called The Retroist Podcast (I know very original). When I started the site I had no intention of doing a show, but now that the ball is rolling I have been pulled into a world of audio recording. For a person without a background in audio recording, it has been a confusing and educational experience as I grappled with trying to find a quality recording device that fits my budget and is easy to use.

Up until now I have used a Blue Yeti Mic. It is easy to use and had a very retro style. The one problem with it, it is large. This is great for home “studio” recording, but what do I do when I am traveling? I started looking for a mic that fit my retro sensibilities, is easy to use, delivers good audio and is portable. I was looking at the Blue line of portables when the very handsome Samson Meteor Mic was brought to my attention. With its small footprint, portability and retro looks, it was love at first site.

Now the thing is, would it be useful? I had to go on the road this week and I had the opportunity to give the old Samson a whirl using multiple devices (including the ipad). I have to say, this little wonder is great. The sample recordings I did for my next podcast turned out wonderfully and room noise was not an issue. I was able to easily move it from machine to machine via USB and with an adapter I was able to get it working on an iPad easily.

It was so easy to use, in fact, that I found myself pulling it out to use when I was using Skype and gTalk. For both of those apps, the person on the other end said the audio quality was outstanding. For a person who prefers to use computers for communication that is a huge plus.

The mic comes with a nice little sack, which seems fine if I am packing it in my luggage with cloths, but I have kept the box and I am currently looking for something a little more solid in which to store the mic.

I find myself on the road a couple of times per year and it is really nice to have a mic I can count on not just for communication but as a tool to work on the show. If are the go and you need a good portable mic, why not give Samson’s Meteor Microphone a look More info can be Samson Technology and the Mic is available at Best Buy. Want to hear it in action? You will hear the audio quality in the next Retroist Podcast and I think you will be impressed (with the mic — not necessarily the show).

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  1. I’d like to hear more about how you got it to work with the iPad. I have an iPad and the Blue Yeti Mic, and I never thought about using the two together!

  2. Do you have the USB Camera Connection Kit? That USB input will work on many products.

  3. Very cool! As a long time radio guy, I can already think of several practical uses for that paired with the Ipad! I’ll have to check it out.

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