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Get ready to jump! Down on Jump Street. Welcome to the Retroist 21 Jump Street Podcast. On today’s show I talk about the classic 1980s/1980s TV hit, 21 Jump Street. I talk about the cast, the people behind the show, the theme song, the upcoming motion picture and much much more. Music on the show was provided by Peachy. The 21 Jump Street piece above is by codyshorts. You can find more of codyshorts’ work on deviantART or at Left-Handed Shenanigans.

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  1. Saturday World

    I don’t recall that I ever watched Season 5. Of course, I only remember bits and pieces of my childhood as it is. Great show!

  2. Doug

    I too saw Mobsters and If Looks Could Kill at the theater. I saw If Looks Could Kill a couple of times, actually. We were seeing the same movies a lot back then for some reason. Here’s a question: would 21 Jump Street be as awesome and culturally-significant without the theme song? That’s what sold me.

  3. Mizphit

    Nguyen is pronounced ‘win’, not ‘en-goo-yen’ :).

  4. Gingi

    I recently started re-watching this series on Hulu. It was so fun. Penhall is the man. I love Peter De Luise, his acting was real and so funny. And Depp is great of course, but there comes a point somewhere around late season 3 where he just starts phoning in his role and it becomes a drag to watch him. But we all know why-he wanted bigger and better and he got it. I LOVE Booker, and wished his spin-off series had lasted. You can watch the whole Booker series on Youtube now. It’s Taken from the Australian DVD versions which keeps all the music and episodes intact.

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