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On today’s show I talk about the eighties comedy classic, 9 to 5. I start off talking about how I would lay around listening to Dolly Parton, much to my sister’s confusion. If only she had joined me, she would have been much happier, but she was just too much of a punk.

A lot to say about this film in a short amount of time. I talk about the production, the director, writers, musical, tv series and Broadway musical. This is a very talented cast, so it was difficult to just not spend an episode praising them. I manage to keep my praise to a low roar, but I think my fandom is pretty apparent.

9 to 5 was huge hit when it came out. It dominated the box office, only being beaten by one film, The Empire Strikes Back. If you haven’t seen the film or have not seen it in a while, I hope this show will help persuade you to check it out.

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  1. Mathieu Perron

    Thanks for the new podcasts! It’s a blast to have you back! You almost made me regret selling my Moon Patrol cabinet last week. Great job!

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