Retroist Adventure Podcast

Retroist Adventure Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Adventure Podcast. On today’s show I talk all about the video game classic Atari 2600 Video Game, Adventure. I talk about the game’s creations, gameplay and its many variations and ports. This is one of the first video games to contain an easter egg, so naturally I discuss that as well.

Music throughout the show was provided by the great and powerful Peachy.

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  1. electricdisk

    Warren Robinett, created a 46 page powerpoint presentation of the development process for Adventure – found on his website (here). I

  2. chris

    I remember playing Rocky’s Boot that dang alligator.

  3. Doug

    I will listen to this while I clean and then play the old Atari VCS I just bought off eBay.

  4. Doug

    @electric, does the audio for the powerpoint exist anywhere? I would be great to hear the lecture that went with this presentation.

  5. electricdisk

    The properties on the file say “SIGGRAPH ’96 Slides” – So it could have (possibly) been a presentation at SIGGRAPH given in 96. There are some CGE keynote speeches floating around, so there is audio somewhere!

  6. Atari Adventure Square

    Loved listening to this.
    Gotta check out that 5200 homebrew follow-up.

    I raise my Chalice to you Sir Retroist! And wish you…
    Hey were’d it go?

    (flap flap flap)

    Give that back you flying felon!
    I just poured my last retro Pepsi in it!

    Jeez…ah well, I raise my..uh..magnet in honor of this fine podcast.
    May it attract many listeners.

    uh…sorry about that

    (flap flap flap)


  7. The Retroist

    Thanks AAS — I wondered if you would like it.

  8. Hot Pink Nation

    I actually never liked this game. Not even as a child.

  9. The Retroist

    Have you played it lately HPN? Did you find it boring?

  10. Retro Justin

    Never cared for this game. But in the realm of adventure games, this is a great start. Rather ground-breaking when you think of it.

    The podcast, as with the others, IS EXCELLENT! Your podcasts are WORLD CLASS!

  11. Retro Justin

    Hey Doug, time for a new hair-do 🙂 Perhaps a Mr. T mohawk.

  12. electricdisk

    There is a part in “ANESthetized” which describes (in some colorful language) an incident where an older brother is shown something extremely hard to find in an NES game. However, in “Adventure”, we have a… (hidden dot behind a wall?) – Come on!!!

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