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Welcome to the Retroist Animalympics Podcast. On today’s show I talk all about the Lisberger made animated classic, Animalympics. I talk about the creation, the talented people behind the movie, the reception, its tie to the real Olympics and much more. While the DVD is not available from the US market, their are people selling the DVD for all regions online and many of them are very affordable on Amazon. Music on the show was provided by Peachy.

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  1. Rich Gott

    Right about the time I decided I *needed* to see Animalympics — while listening to the podcast — the Retroist reveals it hasn’t been released to DVD. Groan… I guess I’ll keep an eye out for an old VHS!

  2. The Retroist

    @Rich – Some people are selling a region free DVD on Amazon. I picked up a copy to check the quality. It is not bad, better than what you can get on VHS. Not a US release, but close enough for now.

  3. Rich Gott

    I was curious about the quality of those. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Katy

    I loved listening to this podcast. A friend pointed me here after I’d been talking about this movie the other day. Animalympics is one of those treasured videos that I grew up with that has always been a real inspiration. Wonderful to hear it meant a lot to other people out there, and also to know more about the history of the people who worked on it.

  5. Sasparilla

    Loved the review and its awesome it served you when running – Rene Formage would have approved. I have one of those international German PAL DVD versions (European TV standard not interlaced like the US TV standard NTSC and our DVD players will often choke on it because of that) from Amazon which has the original english dubbing. Since its PAL it won’t play on my DVD player, but it plays fine on the computer and ripped and copied over to the HD TiVo (TiVo supports uploading content to it from your computer) where it looks great on the big screen (takes me back to when it came out on HBO and I watched it alot) – the quality is very good considering the time it came from, which isn’t a big surprise since the European DVD release is a genuine release of the movie (not someone taking it off a VHS tape onto the DVD in their garage). I’ve heard the Xbox 360 can play PAL DVD’s…on HDTV’s.

    Loved your highlight of the Lisberger Studios intro at the start of the movie, that was such a good catch – I loved watching & listening just that little intro back in 1980(?) to the point that I looked forward to seeing/hearing that little nugget when the movie played on HBO and it still just rocks (no calm swaying fields of wheat or bands of sunlight here).

    Thanks again for shining light on this little gem of a movie.

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