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Welcome to the Retroist Asteroids Podcast. This week I talk about the video game classic, Asteroids. I kick things off by sharing a personal story about myself and this video game classic. Then I talk about the games development, its specs, its success and it various ports. I have a lot of great audio this week including the “Asteroid’s Radio Drama” (OK, it is from a record, but it works well as a radio drama).

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  1. Robert Daviau

    OK I will come clean while I can, I am a little tipsy just on the verge of drunk BUT may I say sometimes we are at our best at that point! I just posted this podcast in my Classic Gaming / Computing Group on Facebook with the following comment:

    Even when NOT game related hands down one of the best podcasts you will listen to bar none! so good at telling a story, relating and experience and capturing a moment in time, try it and I promise you will be hooked!

    I think that sums it up well don’t you? FYI I am known in in most parts online as “MaximumRD” so search that in Google vids or images and BLOW YOUR MIND lol!
    I have a minor following of almost 3000 subs on Youtube also and I am all about the retro and have been a big fan for ages so my audience is your audience ! Thanks!

  2. charltonhero

    Always loved this game. Actually played this the first time at a small side store in a very small town called Hatchet Cove. I remember there were three people there that were really good at it and I got to play for exactly five minutes then they took over. Bought it on Atari 2600 and loved it! I became very good at this game and the warp feature I was a pro at using this!

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