Retroist Atari Cosmos Podcast

Retroist Atari Cosmos Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Atari Cosmos Podcast. In this episode I talk all about the almost forgotten Atari Cosmos. I talk about the people behind the system explore the technology and concepts behind what could have been the 1st generation holographic gaming system.

I love Atari history and the Cosmos has always intrigued me. It makes me think, “Oh, what could have been.”

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  1. vinvectrex

    What a great idea for a podcast! I can’t wait to listen and learn more about this!

  2. VicSage2005

    I truly have never heard of the Cosmos…I wonder how this escaped my notice. Enlighten us, Retroist! 🙂

  3. vinvectrex

    The narrator for one of the Atari ads sounded like a subdued Jack Palance to me. I wonder if it was….

  4. SmashHansen

    This sounds pretty incredible and I’m disappointed that it never became a reality. As for the commercials, I really wish I could’ve played that Journey game on the 2600!

  5. Atari Adventure Square

    Atari had so many great ideas, concepts and projects…

    Rather than be wistful, I’m thrilled to hear of all these unrealized projects.
    Maybe somewhere, in an alternate existence…Planet Atari?

    (goes back to lab, re-jiggers the gyroscopic temporalimeter whizzywig atop a sealed VCS mint-in-box)

  6. The Retroist

    I would like to think in some alt universe Atari is the top console followed by the Colecovision and Intellivision.

  7. Voice Of Bob

    One strange thing about the Cosmos units that have been shown at retro-events (one working and one not) is the control overlay is different than from the overlay depicted on the marketing materials. I think the physical units were the final versions since while doing some editing for a publication I’m working on the ‘white lines’ outside the control buttons are clearly placed ‘over’ them as some of the lines are slightly out of phase (which given knockouts were done by hand in those days, isn’t surprising). That and the orange-brown color theme is 70s while the magenta-teal is more akin to 1981. That means – all those boxes with the orange-brown scheme and outdated product photos would have to be re-printed (give there were only 250-1000 printed – not a huge deal).

    But yes, as you pointed out – the dual holograms weren’t passive – they were illuminated depending on game-state similar to F-1 from Namco / Atari which was a strip of projected film and a slide interstitial for a car-crash.

    Someone also asked if in the narrator in the ‘Discover Atari’ commercial was Jack Palance – it was.

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