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Welcome to the Retroist Candid Camera Podcast. On today’s show I talk about the groundbreaking long running hidden camera show, Candid Camera. If you watch reality TV, or anything on YouTube, you might be surprised by just how influential this show was. I talk about the show’s creator, its various incarnations, its reception, its writers and much more. Music throughout the show, as always, was provided by Peachy.

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  1. GhostHead84

    I don’t know why but this podcast made me want to watch the Kentuky Fried Movie. Excellent podcast, I have childhood memories of repeats of old Candid Camera episodes being played over here in the UK. Often much better than our own home grown version called Beedles About.

  2. jamie niemeyer

    hi retroist i love all your shows . that you do there totally off the hook. you make day days brighter . i tell all my friends about u and my dad too. oh one more thing reroist . well maybe too more things i really got a charge of your pee -wee podcast especally the parts with u at the movie theater with your sister. then then guy with no arms joke. i was wondering maybe if u could do a future podcast of the tv show small wonder from the 80s i thought it was awsome great stuff keep up the good work retoist and your the best ever your friend jamie ps im from ames, iowa

  3. James

    Speaking of Allen Funt, I have one of his record albums and a big collection of “Pardon My Blooper” by Kermit Schafer on mp3 if anyone wants it. If anyone knows where I can host it for you guys, let me know. Not to smart on torrents and such.

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