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Welcome to the Retroist Cannonball Run Podcast. On today’s show I am going to talk about the cult comedy classic, “The Cannonball Run”. I start off talking about how much I enjoy driving and my first drive I took to the far end of New Jersey. Then I get to the film. I talk about the race that it is based upon, the writer, the author, the plot, cast, sequels, reception and much much more.

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  1. Cannonball Run came out at the right time for me, as a fan of Burt’s comedies, fast-car movies, Moore’s 70s Bond run and just plain having fun while at the movies.

    This one, though, kinda stalled for local French audiences here who mostly didn’t get the legendary celebrity fame behind the punchlines to the film many jokes playing off the characters (all except Moore, who was quite popular – though the film didn’t play well in this regard because of the spoofy spin on a beloved movie franchise and character. I recall the audience groans to many of his scenes).

    It was an odd movie in that regard, a bit too irreverent with the hero status of all involved (we took our stars *very* seriously, apparently).

    But I had seen It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World in a roadshow run years before that, and that star-studded, circus-cavalcade, kitchen-sink approach to comedy always appeals to me.
    I rather enjoyed Rat Race not too long ago, for its kinship to the ‘genre’.

    Greatly enjoyed revisiting Captain Chaos’ wacky races adventure with your podcast.

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