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Welcome to the Retroist Cloak and Dagger Podcast. On this week’s show we talk all about the cult 1980s classic, Cloak and Dagger. The show starts with me talking about how this movie inspired some real like “spy games” at our new local mall. Then I talk about the movie itself. I discuss the people in front of and behind the camera, the plot, video games and much more.

A lot of guests are on the show today. I am joined this week by Vic Sage with a new “Why Should I Know this Person?” Doug McCoy is back with a new “Also Ran” and Rob “Flack” O’Hara with a great new “Talking Tech”.

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  1. sjgeek89

    A few weeks back on my” treasure hunt” in my mother’s basement I was going through our old vhs tape case and found the tape with a faded Cloak & Dagger written on it, I wore that tape out. I’ve waited awhile for this episode.

  2. Justin M. Salvato

    Good show and once again, good segments. Appreciate Talkin Tech as I have about 4 of those Atari 800 XLs in their original boxes; they were showcasing the heck out of ’em in the store.

  3. TheSixMillionDollarJedi

    I’m huge fan of this movie. It’s part of my 80s video game movie tetraology (others include Tron, Wargames and The Wizard).

    Some highlights for me in it are:

    1) the old lady’s missing fingers always creeped me out

    2) Watching this movie in the 80s made me want to own a video game store like Morris’

    3) The line “Play dead or you will be” is awesome.

  4. jamie

    hey retroist its been a while remeber me ive commented before on your site about the whiz kids and made some funny remarks i just wanted u to know im doing ok and ive been listening to your shows even when i have not responed i still think of us as best buddies like u told me once we probably would have been good fruiends growing up. oh retroist i found somrthing at target last night jakson 5 animated dvd kits been a while sence ive seen or herd about that. one more thing dou remeber when i suggested streethawk the tv show as a podcast i would love it if u could do that sometime. just thought i would refresh your memory. and good podcast by the way cloak and dagger been a while sense ive seen that. sorry for rambling on. but im just pleased to comment again have a awesome weekend tell next time your friend jamie.

  5. sjgeek89

    SMDJedi you are absolutely right about her fingers, or lack of. I remember that scene so vividly as a kid. It really creeped me out. (no offence to anybody missing fingers)

  6. TheSixMillionDollarJedi

    It was that slow reveal and it looked like it was an actual hand with missing fingers.

  7. Atari Adventure Square

    Great show, guys!
    I had forgotten about this movie and, thanks to this podcast, I’ll get to enjoy it all over again.

    Yeah, I also have a fondness for movies of the era featuring video games.

    And indeed the Atari 5200’s graphics couldn’t handle the visualizing of the secret plans, but I get a kick out of seeing how film-makers saw computers at the time.

    “Sure, there are blocky graphics *now*, but press this button and tweak this innard and POW! : The world of tomorrow, today.”

  8. James

    The Atari 5200 Cloak and Dagger game is still hopefully being made by Dave Comstock.

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