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Welcome to the Retroist DuckTales Podcast. On today’s show I talk all about the Disney Afternoon anchoring powerhouse, DuckTales. I talk about the creation, the input of comic creators, the reception, the movies, videos games and much more. As you might guess, I am a big fan of this mighty cartoon and all its derivative work. If you have not had the opportunity to watch it, please pick up a copy of Volume 1 on DVD. I cannot see how you would regret it. Music on the show was provided by Peachy.

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  1. Rick Doherty

    My alltime favorite cartoon and video game. I am so psyched that you did this podcast.

  2. John Marco

    I have such great memories of this show! I never watched it when I was younger, but started when my son was about four. We watched it together constantly. Love the theme song!

  3. Melanie1001

    ahhh now this brought back some wonderful, very happy memories. I loved this show. Between that and Darkwing Duck – gosh makes my heart happy thinking about it. Had the game on my old Apple IIe. Thank you for this ep

  4. The Retroist

    Very glad you guys liked it. The Disney Afternoon gave us so many great memories. I will eventually turn them all into episodes.

  5. Daniel Th1rte3n

    Great show, and I never knew there was a connection between Ducktales and my favorite film Starcrash! Awesome!!

  6. RobotsPJs

    Agree that the movie should have been bigger. I remembered seeing it in the theater and being completely satisfied! I bought the DVD of the film a little bit ago and it held up too.

  7. Drahken

    I’m not sure if I ever saw the movie. I know I never saw it in theaters nor rented it on video.
    I used to watch the cartoon at noon on weekdays during the summer originally. There was one local channel that was low power so it never came in very clear, but it had noon cartoons every weekday. (This was also where I first saw the old thundercats cartoon.) I didn’t love it, but I always liked it. The same cannot be said for the rest of the disney afternoon stuff though (except for ones which were originally saturday morning fare, like gummi bears & pooh). Somehow, all the revamps of classic characters really rubbed me the wrong way. I hated rescue rangers, goof troop, etc. Talespin and darkwing duck were so-so.

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