Retroist Electric Dreams Podcast

Retroist Electric Dreams Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Electric Dreams Podcast. On today’s show, I talk all about the 1980s cult classic, Electric Dreams. This is one of my favorite movies and probably the finest example of a man/woman/computer love triangle ever filmed.

This is my 150th episode of the show. I never thought I would make this many and I would like to thank everyone who has been downloading, listening and supporting the show. Plus everyone who has contributed to the show up to this point. You have all made this a lot of fun.

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  1. Earblast

    Now that is cool. I love this movie and it seems like it’s fairly forgotten about. I was never sure at the time this came out if networkable appliance tech existed or if it was just movie magic.

  2. Doug

    Excellent choice. Love this moive.

  3. The Retroist

    The technology existed, but I am not so sure it would work in such an advanced way. It looks mostly like a centralized remote control system hooked into the power outlets.

  4. MAC-42

    I just watched this movie this week, Retroist. Great timing! As Earblast suggests, it went forgotten in my life until just this week. My wife and I are going to watch it this weekend; she’s the musician of the house and I’m the guy with all the computers, so I think she’ll appreciate it.

  5. John

    Big congrats on your 150th show! I’ve been loving it since I heard the first episode a couple of years ago. I never heard of this movie, but it doesn’t matter–I’m sure the podcast will be as entertaining as it always is.

  6. plcary

    Great movie and a terrific soundtrack. I will save the podcast for the monday commute.

  7. Justin M. Salvato

    As I was telling the Retroist, I thought the beginning of this film was very well done. Felt like a film student doing his best work. In fact, the film felt like it was from the 90’s, not 1984. Had an interesting look & film.

    THEN 20 minutes in, the film takes a turn for the worse. The computer did indeed become a “fantasy” device. And the film itself turned into a cliche.. Everything that was corny about bad 1980s movies found its way into this film after the 20 minute mark.

    With that said, I still enjoyed it. Seeing the tech, the toys, the video games, Virginia Madsen, and the locations made this film worth watching. It helps that there’s a happy ending.

    Oh, Retroist, thanks for throwing in the ColecoVision & ADAM commercial into the podcast =)

    It was a GREAT 150th podcast episode!

  8. djinniman

    Congrats on episode 150! I have listened to and enjoyed them all. I look forward to checking out this little gem soon!

  9. RetroArt

    Your fondness for the computer in ELECTRIC DREAMS made me realize that I’m still pining away for my “dream” computer friend, the Machine from the ’70s Saturday AM live-action show, MARLO & THE MAGIC MOVIE MACHINE.

  10. vinvectrex

    150 shows already? Can’t wait for the next 150! Congrats – and thanks for getting some attention to this often overlooked gem of a film. My sister and I seemed to fight all the time during high school. One thing we agreed on – Electric Dreams rocks.

  11. Danb

    I remember this movie when I was growing up and what I remember most about it is the Together in Electric Dreams song that played at the end of the movie. The song was also released as a music video that alternated between clips of the move and singer Philip Oakey. To me it’s still one of those quintessential 80’s songs.

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