Retroist ET the Extra-Terrestrial Podcast

Retroist ET the Extra-Terrestrial Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist ET the Extra-Terrestrial Podcast. This week I talk all about the alien who stole our hearts, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. I talk about the making, the casting, its receptions, and much more.

Then I jump out of the film and talk about E.T. products and sponsorship. AND of course, we touch on the E.T. video game for the Atari 2600, which is not as terrible as people like to pretend is it, although it is also not as good as it could be. (could be its own podcast soon).

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  1. christopher tupa

    Ok, this is kinda weird..I just started watching ET. I wanted to watch it before I listened to the podcast since I havent seen it in years and years. Anyway, in the above pics I drew, the first one ET is playing with the Star Destoyer playset which I thought would be fun to do. Well in the scene in the movie where Elliot gets ET to come into his room, there is one of these playsets in the background, right behind ET. Anyway, I thought that was freaky and paused the movie so I could tell you guys.

    Also, my 3.5 yr old thinks ET looks like a turtle.

  2. christopher tupa

    Ok, after some thought I don’t think I’ve seen the movie in it’s entirety since I was a kid, maybe 20 years ago. But I do know how it ends and all that. So, I have to give kudos to Spielberg because even knowing how it ends I still cried twice during the movie last night.

  3. charltonhero

    Watched this on a bed sheet in a school auditorium on a saturday afternoon. Cried like a baby and thought this was the best movie I had ever seen back in the 80s. It still is in my top ten easily. Brilliant.

    Has a small E.T. figure, and would read the book about E.T.s planet in my school when ever I could. Had the ET Deluxe book on record narrated by Micheal Jackson.

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