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Welcome to the Retroist Godzilla the Animated Series Podcast. On today’s show I talk about how the 1978 Godzilla Animated Series. I begin by talking about how my angelic singing voice got me into some social awkwardness during some school-time public speaking. Then I talk about the people who made the show, the talented voice actors involved, Godzilla’s magical ability to change size that in no way can be an almost criminal ongoing continuity error and much much more.

Vic Sage is back with a brand new “Why Should I know this Person.” This week Vic talks all about the very talented, Ted Cassidy.

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  1. Spotted Feather

    Looks like Reptar….

  2. Charlton Hero

    Great episode Retro! I missed Godzilla altogether during its initial showing. My only experience with the show was in comic book ads and always wondered what the show was like. Much later I watched seasons 1 and 2 through Netflix and YouTube. Myself and my youngest son watched all of these episodes many many times over and like you burned that theme song into our heads!

    Great episode for a rare piece of cartoon goodness!

    Thanks for this one I shared it a bunch of times!!

    Hero Out!

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