Retroist Halloween Commercials Special Podcast

Retroist Halloween Commercials Special Podcast

Commercials are an important part of pop culture.  They reflect the time we live in and can trigger strong feelings of nostalgia.  So on today’s show, I share with you a few of my favorites from the past on the Retroist Halloween Commercial Specials Podcast.   From food to haunted mansions, I play a wide array of ads, all of them focused around this most creepy of holidays.

Some of the shows are local selections.  I really enjoy when they mention unique locations and places, even when I don’t know them personally.  So if a commercial is not from your area, I apologize.  Hopefully next year, I will get a commercial from your area.

Are you interested in what commercial are included? Here are my rough notes:

Hallmark Scratch n Sniff stickers, Pumpkin beanbags and halloween decorations
Woolworth for all your Halloween needs. sounds to make you shiver
Hallmark – Halloween s Coming…what are you gonna do about it? Spooky Sounds Tape
Thrifty Stores – film to capture the moment
Walgreens Scary decorations and candy
Woolworth and Woolco costumes
Toys R Us has your costumes
McDonalds Halloween Gift Certificates
Dunkin Donuts Halloween Donuts
Burger Chef – Halloween Magic Meal Trays
Roy Rogers Big Chicken Deal
Hardees with Frankenstein Mouth and the Fun Machine!
Carvel dumpy the pumpkin (44 whopping oz) Wicky the Witch (45 oz)
McDonalds Halloween Certificates with free roger rabbit offer!
1900 909 FRED $2 the first minute
Boglins Call in number 1-900
PAAS Halloween Makeup Kit – Safer than masks
Magic Manor Costumes and Hand Painted Masks
Spooky Goop Monster Makeup
Kooky Spooks Makeup – AMAZING
Showtime makeup – Halloween party
Ragstock – create your own costume
Fright Night Masks from Bug Light
Granola Dips – even Granola bars was getting in on the action
Zingers Pumpkin Decorating Kit
Hersheys Kisses – Frankenstein
Halloween Baking with Pillsbury
Skittles for Halloween
Diet Coke Haunted House (madeline kahn)
MMs and Mickey Mouse and Halloween
Bates Motel Spuds Mackenzie
Fun Fruits Spooky Fruit
Great Pumpkin promo
Elvira and Alice Cooper MTV Halloween Night promo
Garfield Halloween Adventure and Peanutes promo
Count Scarys from Wends 3d glasses
Bugs Bunny Halloween Raggedy Ann and Andy Halloween special
Give Easter Seals Halloween Coupons – Safe treat
McDonalds safety cuffs kids should wear them.
Duracell batteries safety
Pumpkin Cutter available at longs drugs and safeway
Rayovac safety flashlights at Burger King
Blinking Pumpkin Light for safety
Halloween safety bags from Pizza Hut
Vincent Price Polaroid video cassettes
Cathedral board game
Gameboy Castlevania
TI Solar Calculator works in any light ANYLITE (even for Dracula!)
Haunted Mansion Long Branch
Brigantine Castle

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