Retroist Halloween Special Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Halloween Special Podcast. I feel so clever, the Halloween show is episode number 31. How cool is that? Oh well. Today’s show is a little different. Instead of the normal retro pop culture subject discussion, I have asked various contributors to share with me Halloween memories and stories. I am joined by Jonathan, Christopher Tupa from, the Zerbinator, Shellinator, and Joebinator from ZerbinCAST, metagirl from the Retroist Podcast, Brian Boone from Love Hate Society and of course and Kill Screen aka Tom who is a big part of It was all going swimmingly until an uninvited guest showed up at the Retroist Studio I have here at my place. Triumph quickly turns to tragedy and my life will never be the same.

Despite that, it was a really fun show to put together (felt like doing a old time holiday special) and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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  1. Zerbinator

    Looking forward to hearing this, and thanks for having us on!


  2. The Retroist

    Hope you enjoy it – your part turned out great. Thanks for contributing.

  3. maureen

    Great podcast,enjoyed hearing everyones Halloween memories,it brought me back to mine and the year I won first prize for the majorette costume my mother made me,I was about eight, how proud I was , and all the wonderful Halloweens I shared with my children ,the happiness when they loved their costumes and the tears when they did’nt, but at the end of the day it was always happy as they reveled in all their loot and started their plans for next year. Those stolen Mr Goodbars from their pumpkins were better then any that were bought. Well Happy Halloween everyone and just let the kid out in you, your never to old to make new memories.

  4. Brian

    One of my favorite or at least early memories is having a party as a kid and I wore a Batman Ben Cooper costume and my brother dressed in the Ben Cooper Superman costume. They tore TOO easily but, man, they were fun!

  5. The Retroist

    Agreed, way too easy to snag them on stuff. I think usually had return home for repairs on an average Halloween. This usually involved staples and tape.

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