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Welcome to the Retroist Halloween Special VI Podcast. Today’s show is all about Halloween memories! That’s right it is time for the 6th Annual Retroist Halloween Special. It was a fun show to put together and many of the folks associated with the site joined in to share their Halloween memories. You will hear Tom Berges, Monstermatt Patterson, Tommy Baldwin, Ashley Thomas and of course, Vic Sage and the Projectionist. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed putting it together it.

The above art was provided by Artist/Illustrator Christopher Tupa. To see more of Christopher’s work, drop by his website at Music on the show was provided by Peachy (the Great Pumpkin of Wales), if you have musical needs, why not contact Peachy at And “like” him on his Facebook Page.

I got a lot of Retroist Halloween Special VI Podcast contributors to thank, so here I go. Tom Berges has an amazing website, called I Grew Up Star Wars. Monstermatt Patterson is the Man of a Thousand Bad Monster Jokes and author of MonsterMatt’s Bad Monster Jokes (Volume 1), Ha-Ha! Horror and Bride of Ha-Ha! Horror. You can find Tommy Baldwin over at Warpo toys where they are helping to create childhood that never were with their Legends of Cthulhu toyline. Ashley Thomas is The Nerdy Blogger. Ashley writes about the #nerdlyfe on her blog, Ashley also works as a freelance writer. Find more information about her writing business at There you’ll also find posts about retro gaming, comics, superheroes, film, literature, and television. You can also follow Ashley on Twitter at Finally thanks to Vic Sage, who is an editor here on the Retroist, so you can find him dishing up stuff almost daily. In addition to the he is regular on the Retroist podcast and also host the Saturday Frights Podcast (with the Projectionist) and Diary of an Arcade Employee Podcast.

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