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Welcome to the Retroist Its a Wonderful Life Podcast. It is the holiday season, which is a great time to watch Its a Wonderful Life. If you own a TV, odd are you will have ample opportunity to do so. On the show I share some of my childhood experiences playing at Christmas time. Then I move onto the film itself. I talk about the people in front of and behind the camera, the plot, production and much more. This is a holiday classic that I had been looking forward to covering for a while. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Justin M. Salvato

    BRAVO! Listened to this over the weekend. Very enjoyable.

    PS Donna Reed was hella hot!

  2. Atari Adventure Square

    Great show about a great, timeless movie.

    One of those classics that lives up to its reputation.
    I never tire of watching it, probably because of Jimmy Stewart’s and Donna Reed’s heart-reaching performances.

    This movie is one reason I dislike BttF2’s bleak second-act. This movie did the what-if non-existence scenario much more successfully, imho.
    While Marty’s adventures gained momentum when back-back in 1955, IaWL never loses steam and, while taking audiences to surprisingly dark depths of despair, snaps back with one of the warmest endings of any movies I ever saw.

    This movie kinda played tricks on me in remembering the storyline. Clarence takes a while to arrive, the characters and romance are truly well developped and makes the dark ‘fantasy’ sequence all the more chilling.
    Makes anyone appreciate their lives, I’d bet.

    This darkness, though, is why I shy away from Meet John Doe, another study of character and depression.
    Capra did that all too well!

    Anyway, great podcast. Enjoyed hearing Doug’s Also-Ran, taking us back to retro-prime years of cinema.

    Happy Holidays!
    (rings bell)

  3. sjgeek89

    I was able to listen to it while walking the dog this weekend. I can admit I’ve never seen its a wonderful life in its entirety but plan to do so very soon. Another #1 podcast!

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