Retroist Kolchak the Night Stalker Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Kolchak the Night Stalker Podcast. Due to technical difficulties last week, this week we have a rare Monday Retroist Podcast and on today’s show I talk all about the horror classic, Kolchak: The Night Stalker. I talk about the characters, the cast, the show’s writers and its influence on other shows. Then I talk about the various books that it has spawned.

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  1. Bill Bittner

    I’m in the process of starting a retro gaming blog and I’ve been searching for sites to follow and add to my blogroll. I noticed this podcast hear and have to listen to it. My cousin was a MAJOR Kolchak fan in the 70s. It’s all he talked about. He made a Kolchak style hat for a small monkey eraser he had on the end of his school pencil. And he was always dying to get the same kind of suit Kolchak wore. (And this was a kid under 10 years of age!)

    I look forward to reading and listening!

  2. Atari Adventure Square

    Loved the podcast (as always). Big Kolchak fan here. Back then, it played on Burlington’s CBS feed late night (around 11pm) which was the perfect time to watch.
    I was happily surprised one night when they played one of the movies and it was two episodes long (being a movie, of course).
    My fave ep was Horror In The Heights with the doppleganger. I somehow felt that if the series had opted for more interactions with their characters to build up something of an arc, it would’ve lasted longer. But then again, the TV sensibility at the time and even its main actor weren’t into that, so we had to wait for X-Files to take that approach.
    Still, I love this show and everything about it.

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