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Welcome to the Retroist Retroist Leave it to Beaver Podcast. On this week’s show I talk all about the classic TV sitcom, Leave it to Beaver. The show begins with me talking about comfort television and how important Leave it to Beaver is to me. Then I moved onto the show itself. I cover the show’s creation, its stars, where you can find the show today and much much more.

I am joined again this week by Vic Sage who has a brand new “Why Should I Know this Person?”

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  1. Harris Fritz

    As usual, your personal recollections of your emotional connection to the subject is my favorite part of the show. So glad you include that as a gateway to the subjects you discuss.

    When you mentioned the names of two of the actors from the “Leave It to Beaver” pilot who were replaced when it went to series, was surprised you didn’t mention the most famous one, Harry Shearer, who went on to play multiple roles in the ’90s answer to “Leave It to Beaver,” aka “The Simpsons.” He played an antagonistic character who would be renamed in the rest of the series as Eddie Haskell.

  2. Robot Porter

    All six seasons of “Leave it to Beaver” are available for streaming on Netflix. And the series airs weekdays at 9AM on ME-TV.

  3. sjgeek89

    I had a friend when I was in the 6th grade whose father would call me Eddie Haskell. I’m not sure why, I was a good kid, I swear.

  4. Movie Vigilante

    I was saddened to hear that Frank Banks (Lumpy Rutherford) died a few weeks ago.

  5. robotspjs

    I love Leave it to Beaver. Sometimes I think it’s just silly nostalgia for a show I liked when I watched when I was a kid (in reruns of course), but watching it now it really does make me laugh. Not sure why. It’s sweet.

    Did you mention the New Leave it to Beaver? You probably did. I was working and listening.

  6. The Retroist

    I did mention it. I watched it when it came out and enjoyed the New ones a lot.

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