Retroist Mac and Me Podcast

Retroist Mac and Me Podcast

This week’s Retroist Podcast is about the infamous 1980s cult classic, Mac and Me. This film is widely mocked and is a staple of “move riffers.” I don’t feel the same way about the film. So I start off the show talking about the popularity of this film among families and kids when I worked at the video store. I strongly believe that people should choose how they want to consume art, but I hope to remind people that this film is not a joke to everyone who watches it.

After discussing that, I move onto the film. I talk about the people behind the film, the talented people who starred in it, its unusual financing, product placement, dancing clowns and much more.

Since Mac and Me had a 1-900 hotline, I do talk about that. I was addicted to these character and movie lines as a kid. I do not remember calling this number, but if I saw it on TV late one night, I most likely called it.

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Production Notes

Another podcast that I have attempted to record more than once. The first time I attempted to record this show was way back in the first few dozen shows I did. At the time, I had not really come to terms with my feelings for the film. So I am happy I waited until I was comfortable “defending” the film a bit before tackling it.

Major edits I did around this recording include a bit about the music, a large portion about product placement (which degenerated into a list of products I spotted), a lot about the cast, a bit about financing, my comparison of the film to ET, a weird part where I speculated wildly about the sequel and my thoughts about McDonald’s.

This knocked about 10 minutes off the final show. Which makes it move nicely, I think.

Oh, I found a fun bumper that Peachy put together a few years ago. It has a bunch of echo on it, but I think it is fun. Although I am over-emoting in my announcing in them. Peachy manages to do something with it. Curious what people think of this style bumper.

Music under my story is “Sad Toys.” Music that closes the show is “Power Closing.” Both are by Peachy

Listening back, I do not regret the cuts. It moves much quicker.

Thanks for listening to the show and I hope you have a great week.

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  1. Jack "Wayback" Verret

    I love this movie! Great episode, didn’t know about how it came to be. I would buy a Mac N Me Meal now!! I also love that Paul Rudd keeps this movie alive with showing the same clip over and over on Conan.

  2. The Retroist

    Thanks Jack! I had a section about Conan and Rudd, but I don’t think I explained it well. I should probably just add a clip to this post.

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