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Welcome to the Retroist Midnight Madness Podcast. On this week’s show we talk all about the cult Disney Film from 1980, Midnight Madness. If you like a young Michael J. Fox and scavenger hunts, this could be the film for you. I am joined again this week by Vic Sage who has a brand new “Why Should I Know this Person?” where he talks about his birthday buddy, Eddie Deezen.

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  1. Paul

    Thank you for talking about Midnight Madness. More people need to know about this flick.

  2. Rick Doherty

    Loved the podcast. I used to watch this movie all the time and you hit the nail on the head because I too was introduced to it as an “HBO Movie”. Another movie that immediately popped in my head when you mentioned the concept of the “HBO Movie” was Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas. They used to play that movie what seemed like every other day, and not being able to record it, HBO’s system made it just as good.

  3. Movie Vigilante

    Never heard of this movie before. I’m a fan of Fox and Deezen not to mention Scavenger Hunts so thanks for this episode.

  4. The Retroist

    Very happy to hear that you might check it out now. That is what I hope for when I put out the show.

  5. Movie Vigilante

    I just watched it on YouTube. While it’s not a great movie, there are some enjoyable moments, most of them involving Eddie Deezen. Great cameo by Paul Reubens also.

  6. The Retroist

    I am very glad you checked it out. Deezen always steals the show.

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