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Welcome to the Retroist Murder She Wrote Podcast. Alright, we are back. After an all too lengthy break, we finally have a new episode of The Retroist Podcast. This is one all of you have been clamoring for, Murder, She Wrote. You haven’t? Okay, perhaps not a true clamor. But this show is wonderful. I am a huge fan and I am very happy to finally get around to covering it.

On the show I talk about how the show got started, some of the folks involved, its spinoff and where you can find Murder, She Wrote outside of your TV set. metagirl joins the show again for a new top 5 list and music on the show was provided by Peachy. In this episode, we also have some very special music by Nick Everett who goes by nigidivitch. You can check out this work at his soundcloud page or listen to the song directly at his Youtube channel.

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  1. Caffeinated Joe

    Love this show, so I am really excited for this podcast! Woohoo!!!

  2. mwentworth

    I wouldn’t say “clamoring” either, but as Freewheelin’ Franklin sez “New Retroist podcasts will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no new Retroist podcasts”. Thanks!!

  3. mwentworth

    OK. Just listened to the show; awesome as usual. Confession time – I have never seen a complete episode of Murder She Wrote. Now I have incentive to give it a try as there is a crossover with an awesome show, Magnum P.I. which strangely enough (wait for it)……….I never watched until listening the the Retroist podcast!! Now it is a solid favorite of mine, just as if I watched it back in the day. THANKS!!

  4. The Retroist

    You are so lucky to get to discover these shows for the first time. Murder She Wrote is a slightly different animal than Magnum, but has charms that make it very re-watchable.

  5. RetroArt

    Ironically, my MURDER, SHE WROTE relationship with my grandmother was exactly the opposite than The Retroist’s. During the show’s initial run in the 80’s, I was a teenager and never gave this show the time of day since Angela Lansbury + Solving Mysteries + CBS = 80’s AARPsters Heaven. But it was a show my grandmother loved and watched fanatically. It’s a television show that is closely associated with the memory of her within our family.
    Although I don’t have an urge to revisit this series I, of course, am always grateful for a new Retroist Podcast.
    Well done!

  6. jamie niemeyer

    hi retroist i absolutley love your show ive missed you alot lalely. great podcast i have found memories watching this show not with my grandmother but my mother. she loved the show alot she was sad when it wasnt on anymore. hey retroist you want to know something i was thinkking about wouln’t have it benn diffrent if something like if let say if marion ross form happy days would have done murder she wrote. one more thing for a future podcast show could maybe some time you talk about a short lived tv show that i loved alot . STREETHAWK .thanks jamie.

  7. The Retroist

    @RetroArt – Your memories are what I expected when I wanted to watch it with my Grandmother. What a great show though that it can span such a wide demographic and still be enjoyable.

  8. Atari Adventure Square

    Glad the podcast is back!

    I never watched this show regularly when it was on, but I’m glad to have ‘saved it’ till now.
    Watched the first season last year, and it was a welcome break from the increasingly gruesome modern cop shows.
    I don’t need to see the decomposing body, I just wanna find out whodunnit.
    And have a cup of tea while the suspects are lining up.

  9. I have to say the only episode I’ve seen of this show is the Magnum crossover. However I am fascinated by the number of copycats it spawned. In literature they are called “cozy mysteries” but on TV I call them “coot mysteries.”

    Father Dowling Mysteries
    The Cosby Mysteries
    Diagnosis: Murder
    Crazy Like A Fox
    Jake and the Fatman

    I’m sure there are others that featured a much older lead character detective. Can anyone think of more? Barnaby Jones I guess but that was before Murder, She Wrote.

  10. Retro Justin

    Bravo! Bravo! I have seen 2, perhaps 3 episodes. After listening to this show, I am going to watch Murder She Wrote via Netflix. Thank you Retroist.

  11. The Retroist

    It is a great show to watch before bed. Entertaining and clears your head. Enjoy RetroJustin.

  12. Vincent

    The memories I have most about Murder She Wrote is going over to my Grandpa’s for dinner and watching it as a family. I hated the show, but the thing was I got to visit and play with whatever toys I brought along. Now that he’s gone I have much fonder memories of that time than having to watch a dumb show. Thanks for doing this episode!

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