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Welcome to the Retroist Pitfall Podcast. Which is aptly all about the David Crane masterpiece, Pitfall! This Activision game was one of the best games for the Atari 2600 and I just loved it. I start off the show sharing some my memories of Pitfall! Then I share some facts. I talk about its creator, history, ports, sequels and other places that Pitfall! has popped up outside of video games.

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  1. brayv

    Pitfall! Excellent! What a great topic – can’t wait to listen to it!

  2. Jeff Sparkman

    I still have my Seaquest Sub Club patch. It looks cool, but it doesn’t get me free sandwiches at Subway. Bah.

  3. Retro Rick

    Enjoyed the story about trying to get your Pitfall patch! My vote for the top three Activion games are 1) Megamania 2)Chopper Command 3)River Raid

  4. Retro Rick

    Enjoyed the story about trying to get your Pitfall patch! My vote for the top three Activion games are: 1) Megamania 2)Chopper Command 3)River Raid

  5. JQ Higgins III

    Another great David Crane game was Freeway. It was fun! l Another great Activision game for the 2600 was Kaboom!. Kaboom! was one of the few games using the paddles that I liked.

    Retroist – Keep up the great work. We love your site!

  6. The Petrifier

    David Crane, creator of Pitfall! (Activision Blizzard), talks about his life and career as an interactive entertainment software designer, how his character, Pitfall Harry, was born,
    and why his action/adventure game was a groundbreaking hit for the Vivendi-controlled
    video game publishing company.

    Video and computer games by Activision Blizzard created by cofounder David Crane:




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