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Welcome to the Retroist Planes Trains and Automobiles Podcast. On today’s show we talk all about the 80s comedy classic, Planes, Trains and Automobiles. This is a classic been of Holiday cinema that is definitely worth revisiting this Thanksgiving. In this show we talk about the movies plot, production, the cast and the people behind the camera. Peachy adds his voice to the show this week and brings a perspective from across the Atlantic. He also provides the music you here on the show.

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Thanks for listening to the show and I hope you have a great weekend.

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  1. moe

    Happy Thanksgiving Retroist, Metagirl and friends of the retroist, you never disappoint!

  2. rick

    Loved the podcast. I saw this movie several times but it never occured to me that Del was so talkative because he was lonely. My only question with the movie is why was Del flying to Chicago if he had nowhere to go? Small trivia, the thief who steals Neil’s wallet is none other than Dave from Summer School. Have a great thanksgiving holiday.

  3. Vinvectrex

    Great podcast. It really captured the nuanced aspects of this wonderful film – the balance between the humor and the more emotional scenes.

  4. Atari Adventure Square

    I have to thank you, Retroist, for putting this movie back on the radar for the turkey holiday weekend.
    Just a great flick with genuine laughs and genuine heart. Enjoyed revisiting it.

    And I think John Hughes put the pop song at the end because, while having appropriate lyrics for the sentiments involved with Steve Martin happy to be back with his wife (and you get the sense his character will opt to remain closer physically with his family from thereon) it’s also a bittersweet reminder of Candy’s Del character having so much loss in his own life.
    Maybe Hughes felt he had to follow his signature use of pop hits (even with hipper remixes, like this one) in his movies?
    Just guessing.
    But it was indeed a bit of an odd sentimental note on which to cap off the laugh-fest, nonetheless.
    Still a terrific movie. Wouldn’t have been surprised to see it get a best picture nod, or even a win.

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