Retroist Podcast – Episode 073 – The Incredible Hulk TV Series

tupa spidey hulk

On today’s show we talk all about the television series, The Incredible Hulk. We talk about the characters on the show, the talent behind the show, its amazing music and the show’s legacy and potential reboot. We also have a brand new top 5 list from metagirl and a lot of great audio from Peachy. Just a reminder to drop by our official forums to discuss The Incredible Hulk.

The art you see above was made by regular Retroist artist, Christopher Tupa.

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  1. Zerbinator

    Dear Retroist: That was one of your best shows. I’m a huge Hulk fan.

    Dear Peachy: Wow, great version of the theme song at the end. Loved it.

  2. The Retroist

    Thanks Z. That was a fun one to put together and I agree with you about Peachy’s music in this one. Great stuff.

  3. Atari Adventure Square

    What a great podcast!
    Loved the series back then, and my friends would also go on about the Hulk’s brief rampages every week, while I silently mulled the drama of Dr Banner’s existence.
    I never tried to argue with them, since if they didn’t “get it” by the time the mournful piano closed the show, they never would.
    I’m glad to know I wasn’t alone in my Banner appreciation.

    Also, I’ll add my cheers to Peachy for some incredible music.
    As an amateur musician, I’m green with envy.
    Seeing how the closing piece, The Hulkist, is available for download, I roared with delight.
    Once last thing (I promise). It was shirt-tearingly fun to hear Metagirl’s Magnum theme ‘chiptuned’.

    Seriously, you guys make my day.

  4. Mr.X

    Here is my brief meeting with Lou Ferrigno!

    I am hoping for a “Rocky 6” like ending video for The Hulk series, like a TV movie or straight to video. Somebody in hollywood needs to step up and utilize Lou Ferrigno as an actor before it’s too late. We should make a petition or something more effective to show the movie folks that “there is money” or demand for this to get the ball rolling. I read Lou’s dream was for the hulk character to talk, which would be fitting in such a movie. Now is the time to act, since this TV show is in the planning stages. Where do we write or better call to ABC?

  5. Doug

    Great show. I also have an emotional reaction to “The Lonely Man”. That song and “Greensleeves” always makes me cry. Thanks to “Pizza” for bring this podcast to us.

  6. Shawn Robare

    The only place I’ve heard about the idea that Kenneth Johnson changed Bruce Banner to David for non-alliterative reasons (*ahem*) was watching Kevin Smith interviewing Stan Lee on the Mutants and Monsters DVD. I think Mr. Lee might just have a chip on his shoulder. I am glad we didn’t get the red/pink hulk that they were considering as a more literal angry monster (even if this eventually did show up in the comics…)

  7. The Retroist

    I always thought it was a weird thing as well and I cannot remember the first time I heard about it.

    I am still awaiting the Purple Hulk..that would be grape.

  8. Vincent

    As always, great job! I was too small to remember watching the show when I was little, but I am told that when I’d get mad my parents would tell me I was turning green. Obviously, I believed them at the time.

  9. Vinvectrex

    I didn’t remember much caring for the Hulk. Until I heard that soulful song at the end – and then I remembered how bad I always felt for Dr. Banner at the end of each show. Well done Retroist. The fond memories should pretty much offset the cost of therapy that I’ll be paying to get over the trauma of thinking of that poor man wandering around alone.

  10. charltonhero

    Simply one of the most memorable shows I have ever seen as a kid. The beginning was absolutely terrifying as a child. The theme song, Bill Bixby, this show was the full package. Years later my friend Mark would get me into the Hulk TV movies that he backed up on VHS and we enjoyed these as well. I could not help but hate the versions of Thor and Daredevil. I digress.

    Great show!

  11. Gerald Lange

    I think the 2 part episode the First should be in top 5. Its in my top 2.

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