Retroist Podcast – Episode 074 – Centipede

On today’s show we talk all about the video game classic, Centipede. I talk about the games creations and creator, gameplay and strategy and its many variations and ports. Just a reminder to drop by our official forums to discuss Centipede. The music throughout the show was provided by Peachy. The song at the end of the show is by 8-bit Weapon and is called “Bombs Away”.

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  1. Great show, great day to listen to it (cloudy and dark here in CA). Always like that the Retroist wishes us a happy weekend. Just wish I was enjoying a fine cigar as I was when I listened to the Hulk podcast.

  2. Nice idea with the exterminator ad… but the “Have you played your Atari today?” cracked me up!

  3. Great podcast as usual, Retroist! 🙂

  4. Love the show.
    I know I’m an Atari fanatic when I can just listen to VCS gameplay sounds and get caught up in the action.
    And again, more Peachy goodness abounds.

    I also used to lurk my local arcade, waiting for big spenders to plunk down quarters in games that mocked my attempts at conquering their grid, just so I could take in their defeat at the hands of a fellow gamer.
    There was this older kid that I enjoyed watching, as he practiced on these till he broke em (Tutankham and The Pit are two that come to mind).
    I wish I had that kind of money back then (and patience).

  5. One of my favorite podcasts so far. Nice work finding the Atari VCS manual description of the game. I’ll never play Centipede again without thinking of garden gnomes battling evil forces with a magical stick.

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