Retroist Pole Position Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Pole Position Podcast. On today’s show I talk all about the video game classic, Pole Position. I begin by talking about my first experience with the cockpit version of Pole Position and how it hypnotized me. Then I move onto the game itself. I talk about the games creation and success, the ports, the sequels and of course the Saturday Morning Cartoon.

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  1. Plaidman76

    Oh man, I can’t wait to listen to it! Thanks for doing a PP podcast!

  2. Hot Pink Nation

    Aw yeah! Finally.

    I love these kinds of episodes about the classics of gaming.

  3. Rick

    Just finished listening to the show. You mentioned Pole Position being mentioned in Goonies. Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Darryl play Pole Position and beat it in the movie D.A.R.R.Y.L. ? I have a memory of him playing some racing game and the screen eventually going to fast for any person to get through yet he does.

  4. The Retroist

    It is in Darryl, which somehow escaped me while doing the show. An hour after the cast went live, I got a msg reminding me about it.

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