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Welcome to the Retroist Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Podcast. Christmas comes a little earlier to the Retroist and we love it. On today’s show I talk about the Rankin/Bass classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. This is one of my favorite holiday special, so I was very excited about this episode. I talk about the history of the show, the talent behind it and its place in pop culture and television history. Also included is some great sound and music to get you in the Holiday mood.

The above art was again provided by Artist/Illustrator Christopher Tupa. To see more of Christopher’s work, drop by his website at

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  1. Ryan W. Mead

    A fun episode about a perennial Christmas favorite, although one of my favorite facts (though it has been pointed out many times before) is missing- the copyright notice at the opening erroneously reads 1164 in Roman numerals as opposed to 1964.

  2. Vincent

    My last name is Rudolph. As you can probably guess, my younger years were a living hell because it made it easy for bullies to mock me with the song. Even that didn’t kill my love for the Rudolph special. I really felt for him, because I knew what it was like to get made fun of and all that.

    One year Rudolph, not Santa, gave me one of the greatest Christmas presents ever. He got me the Ewok village after I left an ornament for him to put on his antlers with Santa’s cookies.

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