Retroist Season 11 Fall Preview Podcast

Retroist Season 11 Fall Preview Podcast

It is time for the Retroist Season 11 Fall Preview! A new season of the Retroist Podcast is about to launch. So what can you expect during season 11? All sort of fun from your favorite retro TV shows, movies, technology, video games and more. On today’s show you will get a glimpse into what will be available on the show during the fall season.

Hopefully it will make you smile and get you excited for what you will hear this season.

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Thanks for listening to the show and I hope you have a great week.

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  1. Great season ahead. Highlights for me is Private Eyes which I have great memories of seeing in the theater and many times on HBO. Also the ti994a and hunt wumpas brings back great memories of my past and current ti which I still play to thus day.

    1. Private Eye on HBO is a cherished memory for me as well. It had a great run and my friends I loved watching it every time.

  2. Yes I agree. I even did the cassette to the TV thing to record it so I could experience it in between hobo showings. Before a vcr came in our house.

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