Retroist Tales of the Gold Monkey Podcast

Retroist Tales of the Gold Monkey Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Tales of the Gold Monkey Podcast. This week on the show, I talk about what should have been a smash TV show, “Tales of the Gold Monkey.”

After telling you a story about the show, I moved onto the facts. I talk about the development, the plot, the cast and its influence on other shows.

List fans rejoice! Metagirl is here to lay out another great top 5 list for all you list fans.

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  1. Stormseye

    I’m so psyched to listen to this. When I was about 12, this was my favorite show for the entire season it was on. A couple years ago I bought the series from a Gold Monkey website. I was rather dismayed at the “recorded off my vcr and transferred to cd” quality discs they sent me, but it was still fun to see the old shows again. Do they hold up well over the years? Well, I guess that would have to be a solid one bark answer.

  2. ctupa

    I did the same thing (bought the series) and while the quality is quite poor the fun and excitement is top-notch! Such a great, fun show. We need more fun shows and less reality/drama/medical/crime shows.

  3. SmashHansen

    My wife and I just got the DVD set of the whole series and it was simply amazing. I’m so glad that your show turned me on to this because it is now – without a single doubt – my favorite TV series of all time. It broke my heart to come to an end, but I am the richer man for having experienced the wonder and joy of TotGM. I’ll never forget Jake Cutter, Sarah Walker, Louis, Princess Koji, Corky, Jack and the rest!

  4. The Retroist

    It was a real shame that so many of what I would call “lesser” shows had longer runs. For the life of me, I do not understand why more people were not watching this show at the time.

    Glad though, that people can still be turned onto it.

  5. blinddog

    This was one of my favorite TV shows growing up. One that I remember my whole family sitting down to watch. I was so happy to see it come out on DVD. It seemed like it took forever.

  6. charltonhero

    I cannot remember getting this show in my part of the world. I was a Bring Em Back Alive guy but am interested in checking this show out. Thanks for the heads up. Good show btw.

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