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Welcome to the Retroist Teddy Ruxpin Podcast. On today’s show we talk all about the classic 1980s/1990s talking toy, Teddy Ruxpin. We talk about the creation of this amazing toy and the talented people behind it. We also talk about the TV shows based on Teddy and his different versions. Teddy Ruxpin has become something a cult toy nowadays. Hopefully I can help shed some light on the real Teddy.

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  1. Retro Justin

    Man! Your bit about the trade and how he tried to rat you out to save his skin… Awrsome! Great intro as usual.

  2. Chralton Hero

    Teddy Ruxpin was HUGE in my town back in the day. I agree with how great Teddy was and how much like you I wanted one. I was “too old” as well by the time Ruxpin was released.

    One great thing you glanced on in the podcast was the cartoon. I have seen every episode of this show and I will say that it was a classic. Unlike many of the children oriented shows in the day Teddy has continuity. There was an actual ongoing plot to each episode and story thread often times connected regularly.

    It wasnt a show simply about a bear and his friends. It was a complicated plot of Teddy and his friends against the forces of M.A.V.O. Tweeg, L.B. and the Supreme Oppressor were great villains. Teddys quest took him on many intense battles with the bad guys. For fans of the show also know that the last episode was a satisfying conclusion to the show.

    Thanks for covering this long lost treasure. I leaner another thing from your Podcast was the live action Teddy Ruxpin show. Had NO IDEA this existed. It featured an early version of the TV show theme. I am glad they changed it for the animated series!

    Great stuff ..keep it up!

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