Retroist The Fog Podcast

Retroist The Fog Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist The Fog Podcast. On today’s show, I talk all about the legendary horror film, John Carpenter’s, The Fog.

I talk about how it was made, the people behind it, the cast, the remake and much much more. Halloween season is coming to end, so it is a good time to sit down and watch a good horror film, I can suggest no finer film to kick end the season.

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  1. Kris Knives

    Just wanted to let you know I took your advice and got a friend to show me the Fog prior to this episode so I could listen to it spoiler free. I personally share Carpenter’s opinion, it was enjoyable, but I don’t like horror movies where the heroes don’t know what to do and just run around a lot. I like to see them struggle against unearthly forces like in The Thing! However my wife absolutely loved it, she raved about it on the way home from said friend’s house so so I really must say thank you very much!

  2. The Retroist

    Glad to be of service, Kris. It does feel like the characters in this one do not really have a fighting chance at times, but in horror films that fighting chance seems to be mostly illusory. The Fog just does away with the illusion.

    I think that if they had maybe added 1 or 2 plot points, the movie would have won over a whole lot more fans.

  3. Kris Knives


    Personally I think the movie needed a bit more building tension. My favorite scene is in the movie is when the plank of wood starts to bleed water and when that water touches the radio it startes speaking in an unearthly voice. That scene had me so completely while I was watching the movie a few more scenes like that and a few less of the centenial ladies and the movie might have totally won me over. Scenes like that to me had more impact then when the ghost-zombies snatched the babysitter. Though the use of the glowing fog and the look of the ghost-zombies is great I never felt it quite clicked in the same way I was creeped out by that sinister inanimate piece of evil wood.

  4. VicSage

    *Minor Spoilers*

    Kris, I have to agree with the scene of the drift wood…I remember when I got the Fog on Laserdisc and that scene kicked in, the surround sound in my room just raised the hairs on the back of my neck.

    The voice on the radio in that scene by the way is supposedly Blake if you put stock in what the IMDB has to say.

  5. Andy


    From UK perspective I was always VERY disappointed that it wasn’t a film
    Of the James Herbert book 🙂

    I was more of an AoP13 fan…..Dum de da dee Der, Dum de da dee Der, Dum de da dee Der….


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