Retroist Trading Places Podcast

Retroist Trading Places Podcast

On today’s show I discuss the comedy film classic, Trading Places. I begin the show talking about the meteoric rise of Eddie Murphy and what a revelation he was to audiences in the eighties. After praising Eddie for a while I move onto talking about the film itself.

I discuss the films writers, producers, and stars. I explain the origin of one of my favorite lines from the film and even try to explain exactly what was going on at the end of the film. It’s a little confusing, but stick with me, I think I get through it okay.

Trading Places is an amazing comedy. The people behind it were remarkable and they all came together at the height of their talents. The result is one of the best comedy films of the eighties.

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Production Notes

I am pretty sure I did this episode simply so I could explain the “and she stepped on the ball” reference. If that is the only thing you remember from this episode, I will be happy.

Hard episode to record because of how quotable the film is. I experimented with a few ways of handling my favorite quotes and getting them into the show. In then end if felt like filler. So I cut my top 10 quotes segment out. Also a lot of this film has some great quotes with questionable language. So I felt like any sanitized top 10 list would just be a lie.

First pass got the show down to 24 minutes. Then I was able to knock out a few small things here and there to bring it down 2 more minutes. What a great movie. I feel very lucky to get to see it on the big screen this year at Seattle’s Cinerama. What a treat!

Thanks for listening to the show and I hope you have a great week.

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