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Welcome to the Retroist V Podcast. On this week’s show I start off by talking about how my Grandmother instilled in me a love for TV mini-series, then I move onto the subject of the podcast, “V”. I talk about how the series was conceived, its massive success and its many many influences. List fans rejoice, metagirl is back with the top 5 list this week.

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  1. electricdisk

    Great point about grandmothers. I too, watched late-night TV (for a kid) with grandma, including the Sunday Night Movie / Movie of the Week / in the 70s-80s. We didn’t watch V together, but after hearing this podcast, I realize how unique (and now un-re-peatable) the mini-series style of TV was to the U.S. viewer back then.

    Sometimes, I wish for the days when there were less TV options (not more) because back then, we were all in the same bucket, and could share the same collective memories.

  2. The Retroist

    As time moves forward I am starting to agree with you electricdisk. I like having options, but I do miss the sort of collective experience of limited selection.

    Not when I talk to people, they will talk about shows that not only have I never seen, but often have never heard of.

  3. Doug

    I got this podcast off iTunes and never saw Tupa’s art for it. Excellent. Not only is the picture good, but it reminds me of a question I had about the show: Why do the aliens wear their human suits on the mother ship? Once, Diana was in her human suit in bed. She sleeps in it?

  4. The Retroist

    Maybe they started to like wearing our human form? Or maybe they were told to keep up the charade at all time — sort of go method.

    It is always great to see the art that went with the shows during Tupa’s run. Always made me happy to open those emails from him.

  5. Chralton Hero

    Okay now you are hitting a vein. “V” was my absolute favorite sci fi series in the 80s.
    This show was a very special. I remembered being so pumped after seeing the 2 original mini series. The final battle was always my favorite of the two. It was the “Empire Strikes Back” of the three 80s offerings of “V”.

    I watched the TV show faithfully and enjoyed it very much. I was disappointed that budget constraints destroyed the final 6 episodes of what was a fun series. The re- use of visitor shuttle shots was becoming increasingly obvious with a slashed production budget.

    Loved this show…there is a huge lack of “V” out there and I tried to give my own tribute to it at my blog

    Great stuff!

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