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Welcome to the Retroist Yars Revenge Podcast. On this week’s show I talk all about legendary Atari 2600 title, Yar’s Revenge. I begin by talking about how a prank by my sister allowed me to bond with my Grandmother over video games. Then I talk about the game itself I am joined this week by Vic Sage with a new “Why Should I Know this Person?”, Doug McCoy with a new “Also Ran” and Rob “Flack” O’Hara with a great new “Talking Tech”. We also have a special musical guest this week, Weird Paul.

Stay tuned at the end of the show, you will hear Lo-Fi musician and original Vlogger, Weird Paul sing his ode to the Atari 2600, “Please Don’t Break My Atari“. You can purchase the song on Amazon or do yourself a favor and pick up his very fun album, 25 Lo-Fi Years. You can find more info about Weird Paul at his website,

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  1. Awesome! Back in the day, this was the game that I could dominate and impress my friends. My high score on the regular game was 674K and some change, but on a recent competition on AtariAge, I barely broke 250K. I love picking that swirly jerk off in mid-flight. I didn’t understand the easter egg (HSWWSH) back then and thought it was a punishment for hitting him in midflight too many times in a row to build up my score.

  2. I first got this game in the late 90s, along with a bunch of other 2600 games, along with a system. There were no manuals for any of the games, so I had a bit of a time trying to figure out wtf I was supposed to do.

  3. I wish I could be playing the game for the first time again and not know what was going on so I could document how I went about figuring it out. I must have read the instruction like a responsible player when I originally got my copy.

  4. Awesome show. Instant Retroist classic. Unlike so many games, I got this one from the store, boxed with all instructions and the comic. Good times.

  5. I picked up mine at a garage sale back in the day, it had the manual but no comic. 🙁

  6. I will admit that I have never played Yar’s before but now with emulation I may have to try it .

  7. Another awesome episode about the raddest of rad games! Excellent work Retroist and friends!

  8. Minor subjective criticism: in recent episodes with both the “Also Ran” and “Why Should I Know This Person” in the show it seems like there is too much content in each episode of someone reading long lists of things. Also Ran is “Other TV shows of the time included…” and “Why Should I Know This person is “Other projects this person did included…” and in each case these statements are followed by multiple long lists of names that get a little monotonous. The guys presenting these segments seem knowledgable, but there are other ways to present the information they have than lists. Maybe by concentrating on a few informative examples of other things with more depth it would be more interesting (to me).

  9. Negative criticism. Must be the real Ray Kassar.

  10. It really picks up towards the end 🙂

  11. Here’s my Yars’ Revenge poem I wrote when I was 11 or 12.

    “Yars’ Revenge I started to play
    I thought for a long time I’d have to stay”

    “But the swirl got closer to me
    and soon I was turned into a flea”

    “then I chewed the Quotile’s shield
    but then the drone came so I had to yield”

    “I had reached 70,000 I knew
    when the shield turned blue”

    “when 150,000 came my way
    the shield turned light grey”

    “I fired my Zorlon cannon the Quotile’s way
    and then dead the Quotile lay”

    “then I lost my last fly
    then I started to pout and cry”

  12. Great show about one of the topmost Atari games.

    Your intro reminded me how the single Living-Room-TV territory was an issue in those antennae’d days.

    It was less of a problem in our house, but arguments and disappointments still happened.
    I remember feeling guilty over winning TV time and wanting to make it count by high-scoring my chosen titles.

    Yars Revenge brought the arcade experience to home screens as much as Pitfall, in terms of rewarding and active gameplay.

    And what a treat at the end of the podcast!
    I won’t give it away, but this comment section also has a related treat!

    Easter egg for Retroist listeners.

  13. This game is one that held a sort of mystique for me. The art was so cool it just had my imagination running on full speed when I first saw it. Playing the game later when I was a bit older really reinforced how cool it was, not only was the gameplay amazing, but the sounds and lack of sound really added to the atmosphere.

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